A Career For You As A Malaysian Architect

A Career For You As A Malaysian Architect

Architecture concerns the designing, planning and construction of buildings and uses of space in an aesthetic, economical and environmentally friendly manner. There are a range of differing architects who can be employed in many different types of related architectural fields.

If you are seeking a career in architecture in Malaysia, make sure to check out specialists who can help point you in the right direction, and places you might not be able to locate by yourself. In a traditional architectural job, an architect works with a client and will design according to either given specifications or the architect’s own vision. The architect can design an array of structures such as houses, residential buildings, commercial complexes, schools, hospitals, railway stations, airport terminals, hotels, etc. The architect skilfully draws the plan, prepares scale models and then supervises the construction.

Also Involved in Alteration and Renovation

Not only do architects create brand-new construction designs, they also work on existing structures. This means that they may be called on for alteration and renovation work, or work including a physical face lift. Architects with specialised knowledge of classical architecture are required in the historic preservation and conservation of heritage buildings. If you are looking to get an application for an architect’s job in Malaysia, make sure to use and contact experienced professionals.  

With an ever increasing awareness about environmental issues, architects with particular knowledge of how to be environmentally friendly or of green architecture, are becoming increasingly in demand. This includes designing along the lines of energy efficiency and energy conservation, and in some cases, making use of natural materials for building purposes.

Landscape Architecture

One current expanding field of modern architecture is the use of landscape architecture. This incorporates both environmental awareness and aesthetic appeal. Architects plan landscapes that will go with an existing structure or one that is going to be built. They also work on the improvement or upgrading of previously designed and constructed landscapes. Architects can also work as consultants and offer feasible advice on technical matters related to motorway design, urban planning and rural architecture.

Architects can also work as building inspectors, structural engineers and traffic planners. There are also opportunities to work as interior designers, set designers, graphic designers, product designers, photographers and multimedia specialists. Some architects may even take up writing and journalism, and write reports on architecture-related issues. There is such a vast range of careers in this field that it easily outdoes many others!


As with any other specialised professional form of employment and career, it’s in your very best interests to secure a job that you will be perfectly comfortable and happy with. So, making certain that things go positively in that direction, ensure that you have the best options available by contacting people with all the very best resources out there, giving you the best choices and opportunities that there are. Good luck!    

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