Before You Move To Dubai: Considerations To Keep In Mind

Before You Move To Dubai: Considerations To Keep In Mind

Dubai has been called home by thousands of expats from different parts of the world including British people. According to census, there are more expats and immigrant workers in Dubai right now than its locals. This trend continues as more and more corporations are opening their doors to expats as well foreign workers and professionals.

The job market in Dubai continues to grow and evolve, which make it a viable place to relocate to. If you are seriously considering moving to Dubai to start a new career, there are several considerations you should keep in mind. One is your belongings. Relocating your belongings from your home country to Dubai can be quite problematic and stressful as you have to keep tabs on every step of the relocation.

What many foreign professionals miss when they are moving to Dubai is to make sure that every detail of their move is factored in. Some of them end up paying for costly and lengthy relocation because they fail to consider few but essential details like customs and immigration paperwork. Hence, in order to avoid the hassle, you would want to prepare at least two months before you formally move to Dubai.

Items to be relocated – Your first priority when it comes to international relocation is to determine the items you would want to be shipped to Dubai. It is not recommended to bring all of your personal belongings and possessions because doing so will be very expensive, moving-wise. What you would want to do is to limit the items you will be moving to Dubai. Stick to the items that you will regularly use like small electronic home appliances, small to medium home furniture, electronic gadgets, important documents, among other essential personal items.

Decide how you want your items to be shipped – Your belongings can be relocated to Dubai via sea or air. There are particular items that can only be shipped via sea, and others via air only. You should also put into consideration the length of time before the items to arrive in Dubai. Essentially, moving by sea is a lot slower than by air, but it is relatively cheaper. The rates of these moving methods would very, which is why it is important to get quotes from different relocation companies before you finally decide.

Research for British school in Dubai – If you are moving with your family, make sure that you find a good school for your child or children. There are many good schools in Dubai with British curriculum since there are many expats in the emirate from the United Kingdom. One good way to start is searching the web for list of British school in Dubai. You may also ask your colleagues and fellow expats if they can recommend a British school where your child or children can enroll to.

Prepare customs and immigration documents – When you fail to provide necessary documents for your items, you can expect to experience moving nightmare. The items may have already arrived in Dubai but you cannot claim it because you lack supporting customs and immigration documents. Hence, it is important to complete all required paperwork before the move so you will not have a hard time claiming your items. It is extremely important to know the relocation-related documents required by the United Arab Emirates and Dubai governments so you can prepare and complete them beforehand.

You can easily jumpstart your new career in Dubai if you don’t worry about the relocation of your belongings. Thus, you would want to prepare beforehand and to work with an efficient and reliable moving company to help you with your stuff.


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