Australia Direct Entry Stream Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186

Australia Direct Entry Stream Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186

About Australia

As we all know, Australia is gradually gaining momentum in terms of education and job vacancies. People in large numbers from across the world move to Australia for education and employment purposes. The Australian govt also welcomes fresh talent every year so as to boost its economy, and takes care that foreigners are not subject to harassments of any kind. Though exceptions may be there, but Australia is a safe country to reside. Recently, the Australian govt also announced a new scheme under which the parents of Australians will be allowed to stay there up to a period of five years, without reapplying the visa.

For Visitors

Visitors visit Australia every year for a number of reasons, which are sightseeing, visiting friends and acquaintances or relatives, on deputation of job sent by their home country, or as an employee of a company. Whatever might be the reason, visitors must be totally aware about the documents to carry, and the rules to comply with in that nation. There are different types for visas for visiting Australia. Type of visa may differ from individual to individual based on purpose, duration of visit, and the country from where the individual belongs. One must be totally aware of that to avoid any hassle in a foreign land.

Direct Entry Stream visa

Australia Direct Entry Stream Visa is applicable only for the skilled workforce from other nations, who wish to work for an Australian employer. It is a type of permanent resident visa, which has some processes and pre requisites, Firstly, the employer must nominate the skilled worker for application of such visa, Secondly, the employee must fill the application form. Thirdly, the employee must be less than forty five years of age. Fourthly, the employee must be well versed in English – both in communication and writing, Fifthly, The employee must be qualified enough for that position, since Australia hires only skilled workers and hiring of unskilled workers are relatively less in Australia as compared to Gulf countries.

Nomination scheme

The above mentioned nomination scheme by employers is known as employer nomination scheme subclass 186, framed by the Australian govt. Generally an individual employee needs to have 3 years work experience in the occupation for which he has been selected by the Australian employer, and also the required skill set and qualification close to the position or job role. However skill requirement and assessment may differ based on the employer, the company and the position vacant. However, exceptions do exist in every field and even exceptions do exist in this kind of nomination scheme. Firstly, People from New Zealand or New Zealand’s citizens are exempted from the above criteria. Secondly, Doctors, Scientists, Researchers, Technology Specialists or specialists in other field, if selected by Australian Govt or Govt agency do not need to comply with the above, Third exempted ones are students with extra ordinary results and academics if called from an Australian University do not come under the purview of Direct Entry Stream applicants. People who come under the second and third category are considered as assets for any country.

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