Best way to spend a Healthy Life

Best way to spend a Healthy Life

Healthy life is a happy life. In Busy life, we do not care our body and health. In Office, we sit on chair, whole day and no time to do some workout, and suffer some problems Like:- Fat, Acidity and we cannot aware physical activity. Children are also suffering from Fat because they are like the junk food and cold drinks. Now people are suffer from High blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart disease. There are some Helpful Tips to make a healthy life.

Eating Right:– If we Eat a Right things and right amount of foods we can live a long and healthy life. Try to balance the calories and daily, avoid oily food to blood and fatty food. Prefer the Fresh Vegetable, fruits, milk, miles, proteins.

• Daily Workout: – Walk is the good way to make healthy life. If we go to Walk daily we can live a healthy life. Up down the stairs, skipping, Exercise, running, there are some activities, if we prefer these activities, we can live a good life. If we work on PC in office, we should not use the lift. We should up and down to stairs. We must do regular exercise at least 3 day a week. Exercise improves your stamina.

• Drink a lot of Water:– If daily we drink 10-15 glasses of water. It is the best tool for weight lose. Water can help maintain the calories. Water help to clear our system flush out the toxins.

• Avoid oily and Fatty Foods:- We should avoid the oily and fatty foods. It is rich from fats and calories. Children are most like these things.

• Love yourself:- Always be happy and look the bright side of the life. Love people, friends, parents and share views with us. The lonely people are more likely to become ill and lazy.

• Don’t drink Alcohol:- Alcohol is danger for health. The people who are suffer from diabetes, acidity, sugar patient are don’t drink Alcohol.

• Avoid Eating at night:- Try to Eat early in the day, 3-4 hours before sleeping.

• Sleep well:- Sleep has the ability to optimize mental and physical. It is the way to give relaxation to full body and reduce the stress. So sleep well upto 7-8 hours.

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