Your Guide To Choosing Women’s Swimwear For The Beach

Your Guide To Choosing Women’s Swimwear For The Beach

It really goes without saying that when choosing swimwear for the beach, looks are the number one priority. The decision of choosing between a one-piece and a bikini is mostly based on aesthetics. Certain swimwear can enhance your overall body shape and curves while others can help you to draw attention away from specific parts of your body that you may consider to be your ‘weak spots’.

What Matters When Choosing a Swimsuit?

Knowing very well that the days are getting longer and spring is just around the corner, the idea of getting a new swimsuit can be really exciting. Summer will be here with us soon enough and we must be well prepared when the season finally reaches.

As you may already know, women swimwear comes in four main types namely one-pieces, two-pieces, tankini (briefs and tops) and trikinis (one-pieces that reveal much of the body). According to Seafolly swimwear, four key factors should be considered when choosing any type of ladies swimwear:

  1. Quality: Quality is not just about looking good but being ‘good’ as well. Your perfect swimwear should be both attractive and high quality. This means that you should pay close attention to patterns, fabrics and other significant details.
  2. Colour: If you are light skinned, you should opt for bright colours that enhance even the faintest tans. On the other hand, if you are dark skinned, you should opt for lighter colours that contrast with your skin tone.
  3. Application: Use or application is another important factor to consider when choosing a swimsuit. What you are mostly going to do at the beach really matters a lot. If you are going to do more of swimming than sun-bathing then you should choose something comfy. If you are just going to bask in the sun then something skimpy can work just fine. If you are not really sure what is best for you, there is always the option of choosing something stunning.
  4. Body Shape (or rather tell me your body shape and I will tell you which swimwear suits you best)

So something that really matters when choosing a swimsuit is your body shape. It is important that you find a style that is ideal for your unique body shape. This style is out there somewhere; you just have to find it.

Inverted Triangle

Your body shape: Slim legs with shoulders that are slightly wider than your hips.

What to choose: Choose a two-piece swimsuit with a high-cut and high waist. This swimsuit will help to make your hips look wider and your legs look longer.


Your body shape: This is the opposite of the inverted triangle where your hips are wider than your shoulders.

What to choose: a two-piece swimsuit with a push-up or padded bra can help to make your bust appear bigger. Low waist briefs can also make your torso appear longer.


Your body shape: Your have a shapely feminine body with a narrow waistline.

What to choose: You can go with a one-piece that has a low cut top to attract more attention to your cleavage. Also, a two-piece can work but mostly if you have a high waist. Skirted bottoms for your swimsuit are an added bonus.

Figure ‘8’ or The Large Hourglass

Your body shape: You have a fairly proportional body with hips and shoulders being of the same width. You also have a narrow waist.

What to choose: Well, you are definitely among the lucky few as almost all types of swimsuits suit you. A pin-up retro style is, however, a fabulous selection for you. It is good to note however that if you have an ample bosom, you should stay away from bandeau tops because they tend to have a flattening effect which is not good.

Double triangle or hourglass

Your body shape: This is similar to a large hourglass figure but more pronounced (masculine and athletic).

What to choose: A high-cut swimsuit with low waist boy shorts is a good style for you.


Your body shape: You have hips, shoulders and waist of the same width.

What to choose: You should opt for a triangular bikini with ties.

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