Mind Over Matter

We keep being told to let our minds rule our bodies; that we should not let small aches and pain bother us. This is called the mind over matter concept and the theory goes that what we feel physically can be controlled mentally.

But what is the mind? I find that concept very interesting. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity E= (MC)2, is an equation with profound implications. The equation states that matter and energy is inter convertible. Energy itself can neither be created nor be destroyed. Going from science to spirituality, we learn that beings are actually light energy that vibrates at such a slow pace that they seem solid. We also learn that the energy that we experience in daily life is through energy.

The things we often think of ultimately manifest themselves in our bodies. It is no wonder then that we recreate our illnesses again and again, because our thought processes and the behaviors and actions emanating from those thought processes remain the same day in and day out. No wonders lifestyle disorders are so difficult to treat, because we are struck in a rigid pattern of habits that are hard to break. Freedom from disease first needs a change in old thinking patterns. That leads to change in actions which, if repeated over time, become habits. And good habits create good health.

So how can we change our thought processes? There are several ways to improve thinking patterns. One is to chant or listen to Om or similar sounds or listen to music of our choice. Another way is to begin a healthy practice, such as exercising or walking, and try and sustain it. Pranayam is a practical way to balance nervous energy. Positive colors, fresh green plants, melodious music….all these add to the De-stress process. The mind is the collection of thought energies, so it has a very deep, long lasting effect on health.

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