For Your Next Party, Learn These 5 New Flower Ingested Drinks

For Your Next Party, Learn These 5 New Flower Ingested Drinks

Are you bored and tired of hosting and attending the same parties where the regular drinks are offered with coke and ice cubes? It’s time to change the game by introducing a brand new batch of drinks that is ingested with some fresh flowers. Adding something new to the party scene would bring in more fun and adventure. Shop only from the best flower shops in Sydney or wherever you stay to try out these wonderful drinks and sizzle up your party.

Hibiscus Margarita: Margarita is always a welcome drink for any kind of celebratory moment for its lightness. This time, make your margarita flowery with the addition of hibiscus in it. In this drink, there would be a fusion of hibiscus, cranberry, and citrus fruits. By combining these three things, you have to put it in an ice-cream maker and then leave this mixture in normal room temperature to get the desired consistency.

Jasmine Martini: What a lovely drink this one is! Everyone in your party is simply going to enjoy this innovative drink made from three simple ingredients – vodka, jasmine, and honey. If your sweetheart loves jasmine and you are getting a jasmine flower delivery in Sydney, share this unique recipe with her and let her enjoy weekend parties.

Cucumber Rose Gin: Another innovative cocktail recipe is here where gin is clubbed with rose syrup and cucumber water. This is a refreshing and energy booster drink for your party. So, serve it in the beginning to excite your friends. You may sprinkle a few rose petals, to add that royal touch to your drink.

Lilac Soda: We know that lilac is a small flower that works wonder in case you are suffering from depression or stress or sleep-related issues. The flower essence of lilac is beneficial for a good living. You can bring plants of lilac flowers and enhance the home décor with this pretty flower. While preparing this lilac soda, rum is mixed with homemade lilac syrup and crème de violette, a liquor obtained from a violet flower. The taste would be slightly bitter along with notes of lemony and sugary. For your New Year party, keep this wonderful drink and surprise people.

Chamomile Honey and Whiskey: The actual drinkers always prefer whiskey over anything else. Chamomile is well known to normalize sleeping disorders and an upset stomach. Apart from that chamomile also delivers a calm and relaxing mind. Bring chamomile tea bags and dip that into hot water and stir in with some fresh honey. Now add this mixture in your whiskey and enjoy a great time with friends and family. Instead of chamomile tea bags, you can bring chamomile flowers from the local florists. You won’t even experience any hangover after this drink in your party.

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