Top 5 Colorful Festivals Of Gods Own Country- Kerala

Top 5 Colorful Festivals Of Gods Own Country- Kerala

Kerala known to be the Gods own country is always dazzling to explore and is one best place to visit throughout the year. The whole region impresses people with extraordinary ambience and the lifestyle even amazes the visitors as people in the state enjoy all the natural resources. The lifestyle along with the food habits is interesting and Kerala is one colorful place which is always busy with several unique festivals. Make a plan and spend a vacation in Kerala during one of the festivals as this offers a golden opportunity to see the nature glimpses along with the culture of the Malayalam speaking people.

  1. Vishu: The new year of people who speak Malayalam is Vishu and this is one fascinating celebration which is carried in every household. Generally falls in the month of April this festival involves all the people of the house. The arrangement of the puja room stands as a specialty of the festival and people believe that the ritual brings prosperity.Makarravilakku Festival
  2. Makarravilakku Festival: This mostly falls in the month of January during the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti.  People visit Sabarimala and pray to lord Ayyappa and this annual celebration is followed with a great dedication. On the day of Makar Sankranti one can see the Divya Jyothi also known as Makar Jyothi in the hills of the region and even believe that the lord gracefully blessed everyone.Snake Boat Race in Kerala
  3. Boat Festival: Many of the travelers remember the boat race as soon as they think of Kerala. The boat festival of Kerala is most famous celebration. People from various regions take part in the race with their own crew and boat. This event takes part in the backwaters which are loaded around Kerala and the race at Alappuzha, Alleppey are worthy to witness. Whenever you visit Kerala in between July and September you get a chance to encourage the participants and even see the most thrilling race.Onam
  4. Onam: In India, people of several regions celebrate the festival of harvesting depending on the region. Kerala celebrates the harvest festival in the month of August- September. Known as Onam this is one mind-blowing celebration where flower decoration along with the new crop stands as a special attraction. Along with this the bright designs made using flowers are extremely catchy and creates an unusual happiness and one must not miss the celebration of first and the last day of the ten day ceremony.Guruvayur Festival
  5. Guruvayur Utsavam: A celebration that takes place in Guruvayur is one wonderful event that is to be witnessed once in a lifetime. Guravayur in Kerala hosts this event in between the February and March and the rituals last for 10 days. One can see the elephant race along with the flag hoisting and a few more are attractive and the region turns to be much more colorful for the ten days. The procession in the streets of Guruvayur and traditional performances are worthy to watch.

The above are a few festivals that are celebrated traditionally and reflect the culture of India in a catchy manner.

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