Top 5 Racing Bikes Under 80000 INR Launched In India

Top 5 Racing Bikes Under 80000 INR Launched In India

Racing bikes are the new craze for the younger generation these days. Usually we see that racing bikes are priced very higher and they are out of reach for many who love bikes very much. When we talk about racing bikes in average price tag, Apache RTR 160 will definitely be in that list. We hardly see any racing bike under 1 lakh price range and hence it becomes the dream for any bike lover who can’t afford these bikes. But here we have surveyed a lot and found top 5 racing bikes in India that are priced below 80,000 INR.

Suzuki Gixxer

Suzuki Gixxer was launched in 2014 and it fulfils the needs of every biker who is looking for racing bikes in low budget. This bike costs you around 79000INR. This bike has 155cc engine capable of producing maximum power of 14bhp and maximum torque of 14Nm. This is a 5-gear bike with fuel tank capacity of 12 litres. The company claims that Gixxer will certainly give the mileage of nearly 45kmpl. This bike has digital instrument console and alloy wheels with tubeless tyres. The dual exhaust tips in the back gives it a stylish look. The dynamic and vibrant colours with graphics give it sportier look.

Apache RTR 160

This TVS bike is considered one of the best when it comes to racing and sporty design.  Bike lovers who can’t afford racing bikes above 1 lakh price tag usually go for Apache RTR 160 which is the blend of everything. It has a 160cc engine which can easily give mileage near about 60kmpl as per the claims of the company. It can produce maximum power up to 15.2bhp and maximum torque up to 13.1Nm. The fuel tank has very large storage capacity measuring 16 litres. This bike has ground clearance of 165mm. This bike is priced near about 75,000 INR approximately and is very well within the budget of every bike lover.

Yamaha FZ 16

Now what we can say about Yamaha bikes? Everyone is well known of the fact that Yamaha has the sole reputation of manufacturing sporty designed racing bikes in every price category. This bike comes in 153cc engine producing maximum power of 13.8bhp and maximum torque of 13.6Nm. Wheels are specially designed to give it a sportier look with tubeless tyres. The new model is available in many rich colours with graphics. It can easily touch the top speed of 110kmph and can give mileage of nearly 40kmpl. It is priced between 75,000 to 80,000 INR.

Hero Hunk

As the name indicates this is the bike for racing. It has 150cc engine producing 14bhp of maximum power. It can reach the top speed of 110kmph easily. Hero hunk can give the mileage near about 50kmpl if maintained and serviced regularly. This bike is priced at 75,000 INR because of its sporty design.

Bajaj Pulsar 180

Bajaj pulsar is the most liked bike by every citizen of the country because it provides everything that any standard bike should have. Its 180cc engine is capable enough to give mileage of around 50kmpl. It can even reach the top speed of 110kmph. The price for this bike is well under 80,000 INR and within the reach of every person who is fond of bikes.

The Last Words

As per our study and analysis, we have observed that among all these racing bikes Apache RTR 160 stands tall and beats the rest in terms of sporty design and racing needs. This Apache bike provides everything that any person is looking for in his bike. Therefore in every aspect you should go for Apache RTR 160 if you are planning to buy a bike of this calibre.

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