Welcome Your New Year In Goa

Welcome Your New Year In Goa

Goa is anyway an ultimate party destination for all throughout the year. When it comes to New Year parties, it does have something special in store.

New Year Carnival 2018: This is a trip to Jaisalmer and it is organised by the ‘Mad Nomad’. This trip is scheduled to start on 30th December 2017 and end on 1st January 2018. One has to register with an amount of Rs 2500 to be a part of this journey. Yes, New Year is here again and if you want to welcome your new year is a totally different manner, then this trip is definitely for you. Go and spend the New Year’s Eve at a village in Jaisalmer. This will be a full on backpack travel and you get to explore the city of Jaisalmer and then spend the night at an eerie village near it. One gets to see the serene sand dunes here and can also take a camel ride which is very common here but can be a lifetime experience for you. You get to sleep under the star studded sky and have a bonfire with your fellow travellers. Sing and clap with the locals and bring in the New Year. The major highlight of this trip is a visit to the village and has some home cooked meal with them. You also get to visit the haunting village of Kuldhara and get to hear shivering ghost stories. There will also be some fun games arranged for the travellers. This trip has a total cost of Rs 7500 per head and it includes all the accommodations, meals and transportations.

Hill Top Goa New Years Eve 2017 – 2018: This is an event which is going to happen on 31st December and it will start from 4 PM onwards. This will carried on till the clock strikes 12 in the night and people welcome the New Year. Many international artistes are going to perform on that day and perk up the night. Be ready to welcome the New Year with music and fun.

VKP – NYE Beach party at La Cabana, Goa: Tb=his New Year party is going to happen on 31st December at the La Cabana Resort of Goa. The fragrant sea breeze, the warm sun light and the endless waves tickling your feet will be there to accompany you as you get ready to welcome another year. Start your New Year with a fresh mind at the Ashwem Beach and it will be a lovely experience for sure. Book your tickets now to get some attractive discounts.

E-Trip New Year – GOA TRIP: This is scheduled to happen on 30th December from 9.30 PM onwards. The venue is at Nature Spot of Goa. The organisers promise you a surprising end of 2017 and there will be lined up performances by Neelix, Fabio Fusco and Magic Mizrahi.

For New Year parties in Goa, one can enrol in any of the events mentioned above or they can take part in some other beach parties that are going to happen.

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