Why The Cake Is Such A Happening Gift Item!

Why The Cake Is Such A Happening Gift Item!

If there is anything that can brighten someone’s day, it’s a cake. Be it a birthday, an anniversary or any occasion. Cakes make the ultimate gifts.

So you’re in a bit of a situation and don’t know what to give your boss on her birthday. Even though you have been working with your boss for over a year now, you don’t know what exactly you can gift her because you keep thinking ‘This lady has everything, what will she even want?’ Unlike a friend who you know inside and out, your boss can be a hard person to understand. You don’t particularly know what she likes and what she doesn’t so there is a slight apprehension. What will come to your rescue at this tough time  is a nice homemade or fancy cake!

Listed below are few cake ideas with different decorations which you can choose to make on you boss’s birthday. Not only will you make her feel special on her birthday, you might end up receiving a bonus too!

  1. A chocolate cake topped with fresh fruits. This cake is simple to make and will look very fancy if put together and assembled properly. To make it look expensive you can cover the cake with ganache and then drizzle honey over it to make swirl patterns and put some freshly chopped fruits along the periphery of  the cake.
  2. A layered carrot cake. Carrot cakes are generally eaten as soon as soon as they come out of the oven because they are so tasty. You can add more pizzazz to the cake by filling it with butter cream and nuts. Not only will it taste absolutely delicious it would be a treat for the eyes as well. Once you are done, don’t wait and send cake online to your boss today!
  3. Fancy icebox cake: You  can turn an icebox cake into something totally fancy and reinvent it with tropical fruity flavours or  you can douse it in chocolate and add edible flowers to make the mix of Graham crackers and whipped cream look as good as it tastes.
  4. Do it yourself cake: Now making a cake isn’t quite as difficult as making fondant for the entire cake. The patience required to knead the fondant and to make artistic shapes with it, is not the easiest thing the world. However if you have a knack for creativity and if you really love your boss, you would definitely not miss out on this opportunity.
  5. Rainbow cake: Rainbow cakes are the most beautiful to look at and can make anybody happy. Getting all the colours and the ingredients together can be very hard but once you get the results, there isn’t a more perfect cake you can look at.
  6. Fudge cake: If you aren’t going for the looks and going just for the velvety texture and the mouthful of the cake, nothing can do justice like a decadent fudge cake. Some recipes call for four different types of chocolate for the cake.

Once you are done, send a cake to your boss or being it to the office to show how appreciated she is.

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