How To Choose The Best Clothing For Bodybuilding

How To Choose The Best Clothing For Bodybuilding

If you Google “Bodybuilding Clothes” you will find thousands of search results. Visit your local gym and you will see some people wearing the newest, high-tech fitness clothing. Others will be wearing old t-shirts and sweatpants. How do you know which options to choose? Follow the steps below to find the best clothing for your bodybuilding needs.

Consider Comfort First

Would you wear a tuxedo to the gym? Of course not. When bodybuilding, clothing comfort means several different things:

  • You should always make sure that your clothing allows you the necessary range of motion to complete your workout routine. Using the proper form is critical for safety when exercising. Stay away from any clothing that would restrict your movement and prevent you from correctly performing your weightlifting routine.
  • Clothing made from materials that “wick” moisture away from your skin are ideal for challenging workouts. Synthetic materials like Lycra have a high wicking ability and dry quickly, helping to ensure that you don’t become soaked in sweat while pushing yourself to your limits.
  • Layering matters. This is especially true when exercising outdoors, such as running or cycling. In cooler weather you may be tempted to wear a heavy jacket, but as your muscles warm up and your heart rate increase you may find yourself overheating. Layering allows you to easily remove clothing once your body temperature rises, better managing your comfort levels.
  • Find the proper fit for your activity. Are you going cycling? You likely don’t want your clothes to be baggy or they risk getting caught on your bicycle. Lifting weights? Buy something too tight and you may find it tearing when you bend too far. Always purchase clothing that is appropriate for the exercises you will be performing.

Consider the Mental and Emotional Impact

Your motivation for bodybuilding might vary, but it likely has to do with wanting to be healthier, look better, and stay in shape. Believe it or not, your clothing can have a big impact on whether you feel like you are achieving these goals.

Wearing old and sloppy clothes can have a major negative impact on your morale. If your clothing fits poorly or looks ugly it can be difficult to believe your hard work is helping you.

Research shows that dark clothing has a slimming effect. While this might not seem important, it can provide a good motivation boost when you look in the gym mirror and see yourself looking slim. In addition, black and grey clothing tends to not go out of style. Building your exercise wardrobe with some lightweight, proper fitting dark clothing is a great place to start.

Consider Performance vs. Budget

For Usain Bolt, every millisecond counts during a race. Elite athletes need top quality, high performance clothing to reduce drag and increase performance. Every little bit matters. Olympic athletes spend significant amounts of money on high end gear to ensure the absolute best performance possible.

Finishing a race a millisecond earlier is likely not a concern for the average bodybuilder. When considering the best clothing for bodybuilding always weigh promised performance boosts versus the financial cost. Is it worth spending $1000 on the newest running shoes? Will they help you achieve your bodybuilding goals?

Maybe. Only you can answer those questions. But before making any decisions, remember to ask these questions and consider the above information when making choices on your bodybuilding clothing.

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