10 Problems Students Face While Preparing For Ies

10 Problems Students Face While Preparing For Ies

The Indian Engineering Services exam (IES) refers to the services that cater to the technical and managerial services of the Government. It is conducted by the Union Public services Commission, every year usually in the month of June. In order to be eligible for this examination, you need to have an M.Sc. and Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from any of the recognised universities. The age criteria for the examination are between 21 and 30 years. You can apply for the exam online and give the examination which is followed by an interview. Here is a list of ten problems students face while preparing for the IES examination

  • Problems regarding the general English component– Many students appearing for the exam are not confident about their writing skills. Moreover, the basic grammatical concepts that they learned in school are not clear. Due to these reasons, they have to work harder on this component in order to improve their English proficiency. They have to read more in order to enhance and build their vocabulary.
  • Negative marking- This is one obvious problem that all the students, appearing for the examination, face. The IES paper has negative marking, where marks are deducted for every wrong answer marked by the student. In such a scenario, students are in a dilemma, whether they must attempt questions they are unsure about. A wrong answer could deduct their marks, and a superficial or illogical answer could show their paper in bad light.
  • Problems regarding the general knowledge component- The general knowledge syllabus covers practically everything under the sky since it requires the student to have an in-depth knowledge of the current happenings and daily events. The portion is vast, and many students do not know where to begin. Moreover, the paper is too general to prepare thoroughly. If the student is not in the habit of browsing through the newspaper or news channel, it will be difficult for him to score in this section.
  • Time managementThis is another problem most students face while preparing for the IES. Managing your time among the different components of the paper can be a difficult task. Moreover, if you are facing problems or need to work hard in one particular component, it will be more challenging. It requires determination and persistence on the student’s part to crack the exam.
  • Problem with their respective Engineering subject- There are four engineering subjects out of which the student specializes in any one of his choicess. The portion of the subject is vast, and the student must start preparing well-in-advance to be thorough. In case the student is not clear with the logic of these concepts, it will be difficult to clear the exam. The paper tests the practicality of the concept which the student will only be able to answer if he is well-versed with it.
  • Referring to the previous question papers- It is recommended to refer to the question papers of the previous years. However, sometimes, the students may not have easy access to them. Even if they can access the question papers; access to the answer key is not always possible. Thus, the student may end up getting more confused. This is another problem that most students face.
  • Preparing along with the bachelor’s degree- Many students start their preparation while pursuing their bachelor’s degree. Time management among the different components is already a difficult task; managing it with your studies for the bachelor’s degree can be even more challenging. When the student has so much on his platter, he is unable to give his best.
  • Choosing the correct coaching class- There are a number of coaching classes that offer guidance for the IES exam. Generally, students tend to follow the other students and join the most popular coaching class. However, one must take time out and figure out which class would be best suited for them according to their learning abilities and pace. Moreover, it is not necessary to join a coaching class; one can prepare on their own. Keeping in mind their learning pace and abilities, one must take this decision in order to avoid wasting time.
  • Problem with bad handwriting– This is another problem many students face. Marks are deducted if the handwriting is not legible. So, if the students have bad handwriting, they have to work on it. This adds to the burden of the students.

These are the common problems faced by many students during IES preparation. Devise methods to deal with these problems and clear the exam

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