Stag Do Ideas With A Different Approach

Stag Do Ideas With A Different Approach

A good stag do is not about getting drunk. Well…maybe half of it is about getting smashed into next Sunday, but there is more to a stag do than sitting at the pub and playing coinage til everyone eventually passes out. You can do that next Sunday. For this occasion, you need to show your friends why you are in charge of the party. You are going to give your friend a proper send-off into a confusing world of monogamy and heaven knows what else. The least you can do is make it as kick-ass as he expects it to be.

1. Canyoning In Malaga

Do you have something challenging in mind? Does getting smashed and forgetting where you put the ring just doesn’t hold that much lustre anymore? If this is the situation, consider canyoning. It will take you on an adventure involving all kinds of daring situations. Of course, you want to have a little fitness to your name before attempting canyoning, given the abseiling, extreme diving and swimming, climbing onto high ledges, this is not for the faint at heart. If a group celebrating EVJF in Marbella can do it then why not a stag group!

2. Discover Your Environment

Are you seriously at a loss regarding your Barcelona stag do ideas? Because you need to realise where you are for a second. There’s a reason why so many people confuse Barcelona as the capital of Spain, but you’ll only find that reason after getting your butt in gear. And don’t forget, you are dealing with a coastal city here. Everything from going in, to coming out, will leave an impression.

  • Camp Nou Stadium Tour

Chances are the groom likes his share of football, which is why you need to make it part of your Barcelona stag do. More specifically, you need to make your way down to the city centre and check out the notorious Camp Nou. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but after walking through the same halls as your favourite players, it really gets your blood flowing. In fact, staying in Barcelona without visiting the stadium should be considered a shame by all football fans.

  • Scout Out the Beach Bars

There is something different about a pub at the beach, and Barcelona boasts with the best of them. And the best time to start your beach pub crawling is in the afternoon. Head down to Barceloneta beach and go nuts between the lounges overlooking the ocean.

  • Charter a Yacht

Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? But it’s not if you know the right people. In this case, you are in good company, seeing as we own several motor yachts and we’ll gladly make them available to you. Just get that groom over to Port Olimpic and he’ll enjoy the night like he was meant to. The trip usually lasts about two hours, and we sponsor a few celebration bottles of cava for you and your friends to enjoy on the yacht.

3. Beer Biking In Madrid

Whether you haven’t cycled in a long time or cycled at all in your life, this is the one bike ride you are going to enjoy without falling over. As the name suggests, you take a ride with 2lt of beer. And while you enjoy the beer and the scenery, a driver handles the bike with motorised pedals. Yes, this is an actual tour where you get wasted from start to finish. It’s about an hour long, so get ready to slug it down.

You should also know there is a Spotify sound system on board. This allows you to choose the music that gets played on the very informative tour. Wait a minute. You actually see something of value? Yep, it’s a piece of culture you’ll take home with you. Because you’ll make your way through the city centre and view scenes like the marble sculptures of Cibeles Square, and the Neptune Fountain.

4. Buggy Adventures In Benalmadena

Don’t feel like blending with all the other tourists? Of course not. You want to make this a stag do everyone in the party is going to remember forever. So, what about taking things off road with a buggy adventure? They are made to tackle those hills and steep climbs. What more can you ask for?

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