Common Sources Of Endocrine Disruption In The Body

Common Sources Of Endocrine Disruption In The Body

Endocrine disruptors are certain chemicals that when accumulated in the body, have an adverse effect on reproduction and development, as well as cause other severe neurological, as well as immune system effects.

These disruptions normally occur due to the said chemicals mimicking a number of hormones in the body; particularly the female sexual hormones such as estrogen. While in males, the male sexual hormone androgen, as well as the thyroid hormones are the most affected.

These disrupting chemicals also severely block a majority of the hormonal signals in one’s body, and also interfere with the process in which these receptors, and hormones are normally controlled.

So to be on the lookout and aver the effects of endocrine disruptors, here are some of the common suspects of endocrine disruption of the body.

Personal care products

The likes of cosmetics, conditioners, shampoos, and moisturizers normally contain a substantial amount of endocrine disruptors such as phthalates. These are special gender altering chemicals that are normally applied by males who have a desire to become more feminine.

Out in the wild, these chemicals have been known to have an adverse effect on wildlife, resulting in the occurrence of genital deformations, testicular cancer, and low sperm counts among a number of animals such as deer, otters, and polar bears; just to mention a few.

In fact, another common endocrine-disrupting chemical known as triclosan, is found in specific brands of toothpaste.

If one is highly suspicious of their personal products, it would advisable for them to start utilizing home-made personal care products.

Drinking water

Another source that will inevitably scare many is the drinking water in their taps. It turns out that drinking water might be contaminated with chemicals such as perchlorate, arsenic, and atrazine, which can highly disrupt one’s endocrine system.

Hence, ensure to consistently filter drinking water with the use of a high-quality filtration system to effectively protect the family.

That being said, to learn more about the endocrine, have a look at Chapter 45 Hormones and The Endocrine System.

Produce that is grown conventionally

The use of industrial run off such as herbicides and pesticides may coat and contaminate some of the fruits that are being sold in the grocery store. Hence, these fruits and vegetables can then have high concentrations of endocrine-disrupting chemicals which can cause adverse effects.

Therefore, ensure to always consume organic foods to minimize the chances of being exposed to endocrine disrupting fertilizers and pesticides in the body.

Metal contaminated fish

Unfortunately, with the ongoing levels of marine pollution through the roof, these leads to the contamination of quite a number of fish with high levels of metals such as mercury, and consuming them on a frequent basis can inadvertently disrupt one’s hormonal balance.

In fact, the worst offenders are marine-based fish, the likes of the shark, the marlin, and the swordfish. However, tuna has also been found to have dangerous levels of the pollutant.

So when indulging in sea food, it is advisable to eat smaller fish such as the sardines and herring.


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