Top Reason Why You Should Choose Animation As A Career

Top Reason Why You Should Choose Animation As A Career

Selecting a career can be tricky especially with the level of technology available to students and all aspiring career people. When deciding which career to choose, several factors come in to play. One must discover what they are good at. Making the right career choice requires you to evaluate that which you do honestly and you leave ‘tails wagging.’ The king of thing you do and everyone is amazed. It could also mean the subjects that you are good at in Grade school or intermediate school.

How to Make a Choice

What makes you feel satisfied? Could be, you are the kind of a student who is making fun of everything including the Arts teacher; you are always making sketches of those that you frown in class- this could be an indicator that you could do well as a career artist. The above and many other factors come into play when choosing a career. The animation is the art of giving motion to an object. Animators tell a story using a sequence of pictures. Animation is a lie of art where the actor, in this case-“Animator” uses the pen. They are commonly known as “actors with pencils.”

Forms of Animation

These vary in style. There are Clay animations, puppet animation, two and three-dimensional animations. This industry is growing the world over. Thus, there is a growing demand for talented animators. If you can try to interpret an object in the three-dimensional world, you probably are interested in Art. Many young people who are beginning to work Art want to be perfect at the start. That may turn out very frustrating because things do not work that way. Most of these resign and assume other subjects. Living among serious critics might quickly suppress your career as an artist and even any other career.

Animators come with different skills; there are assistant animators; in between, background, breakdown and layout artists; effects animators, storyboard artists, visual development artists, computer animators and graphic designers. Each of these has their part to play in making a film. Therefore, when one has an interest in this line, they can later specialize into the specifics depending on their talent. See more on


This career pays well especially to those that have devoted themselves into do the best. The market place is competitive, and therefore any prospective employer would want to get the best there is. It is advisable to practice and invest in your skills. That will make you very competitive. Most of the job/work opportunities are with the advertising agencies; here you make short films for ads. Television and other film production houses employ animators to produce all kinds of films, e.g., cartoons. Multimedia design companies specializing in animation and studios offer job opportunities.


  • High imagination, illustration and visualization skills
  • Must be good at sketching
  • Patience is a primary virtue in this game. It takes time to perfect the art

Creativity and passion are the two main movers of the Animation industry and therefore you must be ready to rack your head beyond the eyesight. You must allow a rebirth of the child in you and above all, practice and repeatedly, consistently, you will be a perfect one.

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