Guide to Getting Cheap Flight Tickets In India

Guide to Getting Cheap Flight Tickets In India

Booking airline tickets in India is a tricky and time consuming affair, when the trip is unavoidable and budget is limited. One of the most trending topics in Indian travel industry is how to book cheap flight tickets. Most flight booking deals come with offers and promotions without actual suggestions, so it becomes tough to decide on the best ticket deal.

The following are some hot tips to get low priced tickets in India and the ideal day to book flight tickets, especially online.

Plan In Advance

Good planning is the secret to save money and time. This must be the first concern of yours while booking air tickets on a budget. You will have to be sure about when and where to fly in your next trip such that you can get cheap tickets instead of making plans at the last minute. Don’t get confused by claims made by others. Plan your trip in advance and pay less for your tickets.

Flexibility with Dates

Sometimes, even if you plan early, you may not get cheap tickets as they might have been exhausted by travel agencies, who buy them in bulk beforehand. Hence, plan your trip keeping in mind alternative dates. Flexibility with dates and time enhances the chances of getting inexpensive tickets.

Websites to Search for Fare Options

Begin your online search from flight aggregator sites. Top flight aggregator sites in India include Expedia, etc. Check these sites for low cost deals. Don’t hurry the search, but make an individual cross check. When you find a great deal, get in touch with the airline website to get details. There are chances of getting further discounts for same tickets. But this technique works only sometimes and not for sure.

E-Mail Alerts

You must subscribe to promotional e-mails of both aggregators and flight operators so as not to miss out on any updates about deals of limited time or other discount offers. Refrain from un-subscribing after purchasing tickets, if you wish to stay updated with latest deals of discounted tickets.

Follow Social Media

Some airline companies are in the habit of announcing the latest deals on the pages of their social media fans to apprise customers about them. Hence, regularly follow aggregators/ official websites of airlines etc, to enhance your opportunities for getting reasonably priced tickets. For this, stay active on social media.

Avoid Last Minute

Never buy flight tickets just before departure. This means you may have to pay double for a seat as demands for seats burgeon with flight departure timing happening fast. Plan to buy tickets early like by checking online early enough for New Delhi to Goa Flights Schedule.

Ready For Purchase

To shop for tickets online, get ready with your credit card. Majority of good deals happen online. Because of our busy lifestyle, it is tough to approach local office of airlines to book tickets. Ascertain prices with accuracy, checking whether any extra charges are applicable on your ticket. Proceed only after reading the fine print.

Book from Airline

You can avail of top class customer service when you approach airline website. Suppose you are delaying or cancelling your trip by 3 months, you may wish to keep the tickets open. You can get in touch with airlines directly for this.

These are all tips or a guide to buy cheap flight tickets in India.  

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